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Join Amtgard's largest Discord community!

The Phoenix League's Paragon Academy is an inter-kingdom community focused on providing encouragement and advice to players as they progress through their class from as early as level 1 all the way to their own push for paragonhood. The Paragon Academy seeks to provide short term goals and achievements for a system that currently lacks such things.

Our focus is on encouragement. We want the Academy to provide extra incentive to explore a class to it's fullest and keep playing it beyond reaching level 6. Paragons are a testament to the abilities of their class and with guidance, we hope all our members can reach the same heights.

Joining the Academy is akin to group mentoring.

Paragons of the Academy can help players understand their aspirations and/or weaknesses and may even create individualized trials for them to complete in order to improve on those issues. Some players will just be starting their class and fundamental knowledge will be their focus. Other players will be shooting for paragonhood and will want to shore up the cracks in their "resume".


The communication itself takes place in Discord, which you might be familiar with. It’s a text and voice chat server that we have organized into rooms based on each class. There is no schedule or time-line for participation, you simply check the rooms like you would check facebook and help your colleagues when you are able. Our goal is to have enough active paragons that there will always be someone around to help.


Click the following link to join the server.

If you’ve never used Discord before, it will ask you to register. Simply complete the registration and then click the link again. You are able to give yourself a custom nickname afterwards so don’t worry about what your account name is. You do NOT need to download the program to run it from a PC but you will need to download an app if you want to run it on mobile.

MOBILE TIPS! – Here’s a step-by-step to join the server on mobile.
1 – Click the three-stacked-lines button in the top-right
2 – Click the + in a circle
3 – Choose “join room”
4 – Paste this code: vpbGC6j
5 – You’re in!


We look forward to seeing you on the Discord!

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