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Our mission is to promote, encourage and facilitate the mastery of teamwork, strategy, leadership, sportsmanship, and all-round battlegaming prowess within the Amtgard LARP.

We will strive to achieve this objective through the creation and support of a high-quality, standardized battlegame environment wherein players and teams can visibly demonstrate their expertise.

We will further support these goals by establishing incentives, discussion, and fostering a positive learning environment through online and in-person initiatives.




The Phoenix League is a standardized format designed for use with the Amtgard V8 Rulebook.

At this time, the Phoenix League only supports a single battlegame type: Phoenix Ball. This scenario has been rigorously tested by the global Amtgard community over nearly five (5) years. It has been designed to take into account average park sizes, available resources, teamwork potential, strategic mastery, reeve capabilities, and spectator enjoyment.

Since it’s inception, a number of quality-of-life changes have been made for the benefit of the players, reeves and game-runners. The document available now is the product of our efforts for 2020.


With this 2020 update, we are hoping to better facilitate casual play while continuing to balance the competitive meta-game.

Our new casual rules and one-page reference sheets will cover everything a park needs to get started and learn the scenario with minimal commitment or investment from the organizers or players.

The Competitive Ruleset, or “League Rules”, will be highlighted where they appear in this document. Parks and players taking their first steps with the league should avoid using these additional rules until they are familiar with the format and wish to begin running a competitive league or tournament of their own.



The competitive Phoenix League rules must be consistent throughout all regions of the game in order to maintain the ability to practice and compete against each other, regardless of location. For example, a team from the West Coast should be able to come to a competitive event on the East Coast and experience the same rules and regulations. It is our hope that you and your players will find this format worthwhile and continue to spread it across Amtgard.

“Thank you for playing our format!”
- The Phoenix League Team

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